National AIDS Controls Programme Phase- II was formulated by Government of India which has two main objectives :-
(i) To reduce the spread of HIV infection in India
(ii) Stengthen India’s capacity to respond to HIV / AIDS on a long term basis.

Project Component – the Project has the Following five component :-

1. Reducing HIV transmission among poor and marginalized section of the community at High Risk by Targeted Intervention, STD Control and Condom Promotion.
2. Reducing the spread of HIV among the General Poputation by reducing Blood borne transmission / IEC and voluntary Counselling & Testing .
3. Strengthening implementation capacity at the Nation ,state and Municipal corporation levels through the establishment of appropriate organisational arrangements, Training and increasing timely access to reliable information.
4. Developing capacity for community based low cost care for people living with AIDS.
5. Establishing Intersectoral linkage between Public ,Private and Voluntary sectors.

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