For Adults

Two positive tests for HIV infection (by ERS Test)

Any one of the following criteria :-

Significant weight loss (>10% of body weight) within last one month/ Cachexia (not known to be due to a condition other than HIV infection).


Chronic diarrhoea (intermittent or conditions) > 1 month duration or
Prolonged fever (intermittent or conditions) < 1 month duration.

Tuberculosis :
Extensive pulmonary tuberculosis, disseminated, miliary, extra pulmonary

Neurological impairment preventing independent daily activities, not known to be due to the conditions unrelated to HIV infection (e.g. trauma)

Candidiasis of the oesophagus (diagnosable by oral candidiasis with odynophagia)

Clinically diagnosed life – threatening or recurrent episodes of pneumonia with or without etiological confirmation

Kaposi Sarcoma

Other conditions like Cryptococcal meningites, Nuero Toxoplasmosis, CMV Retinitis, Penecillium Marffenei, Recurrent Herpes Zoster and Multidermatomal.

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